Photo by my bestie, Brian.

I’m a graphic & web designer living in Long Island, NY. I’ve actually owned this domain since I was sixteen–it was basically used to mess around while I was learning code. I didn’t plan for it to turn into a personal blog but i’m glad it did! In early 2011 I started blogging in full form as a way to share inspirations, design, DIYs, goals, adventures and more. Completely Unfinished is about living a creative and inspired life and getting to where you want to be.

When i’m not behind a screen I spend my time with anything that keeps me creating. I probably have too many hobbies–I enjoy taking photos, thrift stores, playing music, and cutting up t-shirts. I’m pretty big into handmade and DIY, it’s something that influences me in every decision I make. I dig new places & old things. I also really like smoothies, indie movies, bold italic typefaces, and punk rock music.

I used to spend 4+ hours a day commuting to a job in New York City. Spending lots of time on trains and in a big city, I got quite inspired and started working on digital prints for my little Etsy shop, Chin Up Prints.

In August of 2011 I joined my local roller derby league (Ann T. Virus #24pt)…I find myself falling more and more in love with it every time I get out there on the track. I generally keep this blog art/lifestyle related, but sometimes I share about roller derby. View those posts!

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Design Portfolio / Twitter: @amiegrrl / Flickr / Dribbble

Contact & hire

Shoot me an email for custom design work inquiries / or just to say hi. amie@completelyunfinished.net


  1. Hiya Angel! I appreciate you for adding me at Bloggers.com, and I celebrate your talented inner Goddess. Your blog title reflects your attractive modesty. Be ever blessed most abundantly in all areas of your uniquely awesome being.

  2. Woohoo for NY graphic designers… nice to meet you! I’m Christie and we’re in the same boat :) haha so glad to meet another designer/blogger from NY nonetheless!

  3. Hi Amie!! So nice to meet you as well, I love meeting other designers! Especially when they’re from my home state :) I will definitely follow and keep up with this blog <3

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