About Me

I taught myself HTML when I was thirteen, and ever since then I've been coding and designing. I went to school at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut for Interactive Digital Design and a minor in fine arts--I now live in Long Island, New York. When I'm not designing I'm probably playing music, sewing, crafting, or taking photos.


Barbara Kruger, Vivienne Westwood, Kathleen Hanna, Neville Brody, Lizzie Finn, patterns, fabrics, concert posters/flyers, old buildings, do-it-yourself fashion, independent designers, punk music, anything vintage, design that breaks the rules, my friends.

Why 'Completely Unfinished'

Why Completely Unfinished? what's with the name? It's something I thought of in high school and it stuck with me. In terms of design, a designers work is never done. something can have a deadline or can be completed but it's never really finished. you can always do more; there's always going to be something that can be changed...but the challenging part of design is when you know where to draw that line. design is unique in that way. in terms of myself and my life, it fits me. I'm always working on some kind of project, I'm never not creating or working on something. my life is a work in progress--therefore it's completely unfinished.


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