The Sunshine Experiment & Autumn


Taking advantage of the fact that it’s technically winter here in New York but still feels like Autumn. A preserve out east I took a walk around with my dad and uncle.


I didn’t notice this until recently that I’m a huge fan of changing up my routine based on the seasons. In autumn/winter that means heading to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and soak up more of the daylight since it’s dark out when I get home from work. When I was first trying to have more time in the morning I would just force myself to get up a hour or so earlier while going to sleep at the same time, which is pretty much a recipe for failure.


Transitioning from a night owl to an early bird hasn’t been easy. I’ve deemed this the ‘sunshine experiment’ and I can literally feel my mood change negatively when I fall off the wagon and don’t leave myself time in the morning and have to go from getting dressed to directly out the door.

Aside from my sleep/wake schedule, I’m trying the whole slow down with the season thing. Forcing myself to go out less, work on less projects, focus on myself and setting up my goals for the year. I’ve never watched so much Netflix :) I’m thinking when March comes i’ll feel super energized and refreshed and ready to tackle everything in high gear.


An Update


Hey Everyone! Wanted to pop in and say that I’m not abandoning this blog. Spring came and I found myself taking an accidental break from blogging. I was feeling a bit unmotivated & overwhelmed and felt it would be better to take some time away from this space instead of putting half-assed stuff out there.

I have spent the summer so far working on myself, planning & going on a bunch of short trips, and just doing less. Narrowing down on what’s important to me. I’m working smarter these days. Lately my priorities have shifted from constantly keeping busy to chilling out and enjoying the company i’m with.

I also developed & put up a responsive version of Completely Unfinished. I’m been doing responsive websites for awhile now and i’m glad it’s no longer bugging me to look at my blog. The visual design is pretty similar (I still really like it) – but with totally updated code and some UI improvements.

My August is getting pretty booked up! This weekend i’m making the trek to Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Cleveland. First time flying by myself & first design conference i’m attending. Pretty stoked.

Hoping to be more consistent with this space real soon.

<3 Amie

Unrecognizable Sticky notes


Ever scribble something down on a piece of paper in an attempt to get it out of your head as quickly as possible so you don’t forget it, without any context attached to it? Yep, I do that all the time.

While cleaning out my desk drawers I found a bunch of said sticky notes and thought it would be fun to put them all together & try to decipher them.


My favorite would have to be “patty mayonnaise, red + light turquoise.” Not a clue what that was supposed to mean, guys.

Do you do this, too?

Frankie and Albert // Vintage subscription box

I never really caught on to the subscription box train…until now. When I heard of Frankie and Albert I knew this was one I kind of needed to get. So I splurged a little and bought myself a curated box of vintage goodness.

Even though i’m a heavy thrifter I know it often takes a lot of time to find really high quality vintage items for your home. Alternatively, buying vintage from a store can be very expensive. Frankie and Albert seemed like the perfect treat & solution.

Everything came packaged gorgeously, including little pieces of paper with the name of each item. I stupidly read the items first before unwrapping them. Next time I will not spoil the surprise for myself! I got “China Clipper Photograph”, “Clear and Amber Champagne Glasses”, and “Brown & Gold Ceramic Leaf Bowl.”

Before ordering, you just fill out a couple questions so they can get an idea of your decor style. I have to say that my box was spot on — I honestly love each item and would have purchased them if I spotted them somewhere.

The photo fit in nicely on my dresser, and the leaf dish now lives in an empty space on the bottom of my plant stand. The champagne glasses are there for now, too.

I’m one of those people who tend to shy away from buying too much from IKEA/Target/etc to fill my space and instead hold out for things I make or naturally find. Because of this, I have a few spaces that look unfinished so it was super nice to be able skip the hunting and have pretty things that fit my personality.



This is not a sponsored post — I just wanted to share my good experience :)

2014 Highlights

I have in my head a couple concrete focuses for the new year — but first, I wanted to share some things that stuck out this past year.


Went on a roadtrip on my birthday to Pennsylvania… mostly for a film screening of a documentary on one of my favorite bands, the Descendents. Made lots of stops along the way!


In March I moved into the house I share with a couple of rad and super talented people.


Finally got the bike tires fixed on my vintage bike and spent a lot of hours on biking adventures. Next year there will be even more!


Roommate brunch feasts & walks to italian ice.


Got better at roller derby and even had a couple of MVP worthy games.


Spent the very tail end of the summer upstate at a lake house.


Had my one year anniversary at the web design agency where I work. Got to work on a bunch of cool projects. That’s the Mailchimp monkey for those who are unfamiliar.


Put more effort into my halloween costume than I had in a couple years. Went to 2 parties on the 1st. Can you guess who I was?


Took advantage of where I live and drove out to Brooklyn more. Awesome food, sweet shows, and craft fairs.


Had a mini family reunion Thanksgiving weekend and stayed out east at my parent’s house for a couple days.


Talked my mom into spending a day in Manhattan with me shopping. She had been talking about visiting the flagship Macy’s around Christmas for a couple years and never made time for it! We had a blast.


A very sweet kitty got a forever home– with me!

Wishing everyone a happy January :)