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birthday collage card

Taking a break from slightly stressing out about Christmas gifts, I made my soon to be twelve year old cousin a birthday card. I love making collages and it’s something I want to get better at, so I gathered up some supplies and made a simple one. Plus, I don’t make nearly enough handmade cards as i’d like to!

collage card supplies

Find some fancy edge scissors, glue stick, old magazines & books, doilies, ribbons, stickers..and any other crafty supplies you have.


Arrange everything on the front of the card before glueing it down..


I used this super cute illustration of some kids with ice cream & balloons from an old book.

For the ric-rack, I used hot glue so it stayed. Make sure everything’s secure & write a custom message on the inside. I wish I had some more vintage images to build on it more, but my printer was out of ink!

This weekend was spent cooking a second Thanksgiving dinner, working on my portfolio, and watching American Horror Story. How was yours?

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