Basement Makeover



My younger brother just went back to college after being home on break for almost a month. At the end of the summer, our basement got a bit flooded and we had to rip up a lot of the carpet, leaving it pretty much unusable since then. It’s not a finished basement obviously, but we’ve spent time making it our own [and hey, I like the unfinished basement look anyway!]

basement view

So while my brother was home he & I spent two days giving my parent’s basement a makeover–putting down a new rug, throwing stuff out, and re-arranging everything. Here’s a little tour!


Pillows I made, a new old green couch, and we finally got a bookshelf.

couch and table

Old old couch (sofa bed!) for sleepovers & a table I got thrifting in college. So cute–i’m pretty sure it’s from Urban Outfitters.

music gear

This is my little music corner + most of our guitars. My Clash poster that’s restricted to the floor…Apparently my music taste is not good enough & doesn’t even come close to the Beatles :P I’m not sure why I have two saxophones…

vintage mac

Check out my old pink iMac! I’m not sure what to do with it, so it kind of just chills behind the couch. I’ve upgraded it & it works except it won’t save any files! I originally got it just for music recording purposes. Anyone have an idea for it?

My interior decorating trained Mom even said the space looked great. Success? ♥ I definitely want to hang out down there more now…it feels so cozy. Next stop–make my craft area pretty!


  1. oooh, look at those amps!! i’m kind of obsessed with them right now, because i’m thinking about buying one :)

    Amie Reply:

    For some reason, we have way too many amps–including some broken ones that my dad is ‘going to fix’ someday! hah

  2. That’s a beautiful old Mac! First thing I noticed in the pictures. ;P I had one awhile back that was taking up residence in my garage. It sort of still worked, but was really LOUD and slow to use. I finally just threw it away. I totally would’ve tried selling it on eBay if I didn’t dread trying to package that thing up — so heavy!!!

    Amie Reply:

    I feel the same! I can’t imagine the hassle to pack it up & ship it. Until I can bring myself to throw it away, it’s just going to sit there and look pretty hah

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