Diana Mini Cali Photos


Randy's Donuts

Stop and smell the small flowers

Airport Motel

retro motel sign

double exposure?

[attempt at a double exposure]

My first roll shot with the Diana Mini came out pretty okay! Most of the second half of the roll was overexposed–I think it’s because I put the camera on the cloudy setting at that point. It was cloudy out but still bright, so i’m guessing I should have left it on the sunny setting. I’m happy with the ones that did come out properly exposed so it’s all good! After researching what kind of film to use I was afraid that regular 35mm from a convenience store wouldn’t give me the neat effects that the Diana is capable of. So I hunted around for something else. I ended up finding & using Kodak 400 speed film that was expired by a year.

I loved all of the beautiful retro signs in Los Angeles, I also took some more of them with my SLR. Next up, more California pictures from my digital camera.


  1. Your first shot with the Diana Mini was way better than mine!
    I think I only got 5 -6 good shots with mine when I used for the first time!
    I love the double exposure shot!

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