making the ‘ugly shirt’ work // what I wore

So I have this vintage shirt that I bought, that I deemed ‘the ugly shirt’ because I couldn’t seem to make it work with anything. While watching the new show Girls on HBO, an outfit Lena Dunham’s character was wearing made me think about my shirt! I won’t talk about my thoughts on the show here, although i’m really on the fence about it until the series grows more. Anyway, I wondered why I haven’t tried wearing my shirt with a pencil skirt and a chunky belt, like her outfit below. I’m not sure why that thought didn’t occur to me before.

Vintage plaid shirt- thrifted
Belt- Forever21
Skirt- Ebay, forever21
Blue tights- ?

Well, I didn’t make this outfit totally work–if I had a plain black or teal pencil skirt I would have worn that instead. That would have definitely worked better than the red skirt; I am now on the hunt for new pencil skirts. Have any T.V. shows inspired your fashion lately? ♥


  1. Hey I have an ugly shirt that I now know how to wear! Actually your shirt does not look ugly at all. And maybe mine won’t either after I try this styling with it!


    Amie Reply:

    Awesome! Now, whenever I have a shirt that’s not as cute as I thought it was, I’m definitely going to try it with a skirt. Would love to see your outfit!

  2. I’m obsessed with that show girls! and your outfit looks great! I just came across your blog on 20sb and I thought I’d say hi!

    Amie Reply:

    I really think the show is getting better & better with each episode! thanks for stopping by :)

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