Color Love: Pea green / Yellow-green

Lately, I’ve been pretty obsessed with this specific color after finding some yarn named ‘Pea green.’ I was in love. I then set out to find a cardigan in this rad unique color, which was not an easy mission.

pea green yarn

I had to have one, but apparently sweaters in this color already lived out the trend & everywhere on the internet was sold out. After keeping a close eye on Ebay for awhile, I managed to snag this baby.

the perfect cardigan

Pea green/yellow-green/whatever it’s called seems to pair well with black, white, and tan. I now want to paint every wall in my house this green, and get a new car in the same color. Not really, but that would be pretty sweet. This new color appreciation led me to made a board on my Pinterest of favorite colors. Loving the walls with the black & white photos. Also, that couch needs to definitely be in my future home.

Source: via Amie on Pinterest

Source: via Amie on Pinterest

What color are you loving lately? ♥


  1. my bedroom is painted “retro avocado.” i’m pretty obsessed. or with mustard yellow. and yes, i dream of driving a car in either of those shades, too!

    Amie Reply:

    Wow, retro & avocado are two of my favorite things…I think I need to find this color :) So awesome.

  2. I’ve always been attracted to yellow greens (or what my husband calls kaka green… what the f?!). He’s just jealous that he can’t pull it off :)
    I love it inside homes too ! Great pics !

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