Screenprinting in Brooklyn

[excuse the clutter of my laundry]

This past Saturday I drove to Brooklyn for a t-shirt screenprinting workshop I signed myself up for. Back in high school I did a lot of stenciling on t-shirts, and when I was in college I started getting into screenprinting after majoring in graphic design & was getting better at designing. I asked my dad to help me make some wooden frames, bought some emulsion, ink, etc and would develop screens in my dorm room and shared bathroom. I was hooked! I made some t-shirts for myself and printed a couple designs on shirts and bags for my Etsy shop at the time. (When I mean a couple, I mean literally a few– I was doing this very small scale!) I eventually even printed t-shirts for an on campus club I was a part of.

Since college, I haven’t done too much screenprinting and I’ve been itching to get back into it. I thought about how I could be taking more advantage of my surroundings since moving closer to the city–I did some research and found a couple screenprinting studios right in Brooklyn.

Here’s the process of my design — initial sketch, finished digital version on transparency film, and pushing ink through the screen.

When I got there the folks at Gowanus print lab had our screens developed so we could just go ahead and print print print! I wish I could have taken more photos when I was there but my hands were busy handling the ink and squeegee!

I was able to print on 5 shirts, a tote bag, and some poster paper. Also, i’m super glad I picked the silver ink. I learned a lot and loved being able to print in a professional place instead of the hard way I was doing it before.

I can’t wait to go back and do some more printing. When I do make more, this is likely to be the first screenprinted design in the shop. I’ve been planning on putting shirts & bags in there sometime soon and this was just the kick in the ass I needed :)

My Essentials

I came across this agency’s site which has a brilliant team page featuring a unique visual of each team member’s essentials. I couldn’t help but ponder over what couple things I would choose for my own essentials in life. Here’s what I picked!

– Dot Grid notebook by Behance
– Macbook
– Rollerskates
– Black coffee
– Sewing supplies
– Canon Rebel DSLR

Notice how the colors match? Totally not planned! Looking over it now the only adjustment I would make is to add a guitar cable :)

Do we have any similar essentials? Are yours similar to any on the awesome team page I linked above?

Favorite Creative Podcasts

I’ve gotten very much into podcasts over the last year or so. It’s the best to listen to them in the car and when doing monotonous things like laundry (ew). My drive to work is a bit lengthy so instead of listening to the same songs over and over again I can learn and gain insight & they also get me pumped for the day ahead.

Most of the podcasts I listen to are design industry related—wanted to share them!

Happy Monday: I might have mentioned this one before and if so it deserves a second mention anyway. Short & sweet super inspiring interviews with designers and developers. Every so often there’s an episode featuring just the hosts which is great. Plus, I really like how they always mention a new app or website.

Adventures in Design: This podcast is both hilarious and totally useful. The hosts have strong personalities and are not afraid to be honest. Stories, rants, interviews, and i’ve legitimately learned a lot about life in general from this podcast. Definitely my favorite to listen to while working.

Seanwes Podcast: This one has a lot of awesome business advice. It discusses hand lettering frequently but process techniques are easily translatable to other creative careers. So much valuable information packed into each episode, and I love the emphasis on professionalism.

Life and Limb: Really engaging and down-to-earth interviews with a wide range of creatives. The narration before each show and during the interviews is fantastic. Always puts me in a good mood. Also, how could you not love something with Fugazi as the theme song?

Web Agency Podcast: The freelance design & business advice really catches my attention. Taking about web design can sometimes lack pizazz but this podcast does it differently. Lots of fun.

Throwback Thursday // My First College Design Class & a Zine

I was cleaning under my desk and found something i’ve been saving since college. In my very first design class freshman year called ‘Design Research and Methods’ we had a assignment of making a page for a class zine. (7 years ago!)

I remember my (quite rad) professor telling us about the project and when she said the word ‘zine’ I nearly flipped. I was one of few classmates to raise my hand when asked if we’ve heard of one before.

The assignment was to make a page spread based on a creativity technique. It was fun to sit down and read through the zine now, remembering the beginning of what would turn into a career and revisiting incredibly useful steps of the creative process. Methods like ‘Mind Mapping’, ‘Do Nothing’, ‘Think Tank’, paired with a bunch of great compositions. It’s easy to get caught up and lose sight of the basics sometimes so it was nice to take a little step back.

My spread was ‘Brainstorming’. This particular class was by far my favorite and the most useful. This was when I also had my work critiqued for the first time. I remember taping projects to the wall and thinking what I put together was pretty good then learning it was rubbish :)

I also remembered that 3 of my best friends in college (and still now) were in that class with me–pretty cool, huh?

Have you shared any very early projects from school? Any fun memories of when you were starting out?

Ugly Sweater Wallpaper Freebie

1280×800 | 1680×1060

I’m finally starting to get into the spirit this week, which I only realized when I had an itch to put this desktop wallpaper together! At the agency where I work we had a little photo shoot with everyone in holiday sweaters so I had them on the brain. I recently tweeted a photo of my go to sweater, which features my favorite band’s logo & cups of coffee :)

Feel free to download above if you want to transform your desktop into an ugly sweater!

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