Geocaching Adventure + Landscapes

On one of the last warm days of fall in New York, Matt and I went on a little geocaching adventure. This was the first time i’ve been in about 2 years! During one summer my friend Dani and I would spend whole days just going around local areas with a hiking GPS seeing how many caches we could find before it got dark out. If you have no idea what i’m talking about, check out!

We headed to a nearby park/beach that had 3 caches within walking distance. Now that I have a decent smartphone the geocaching app speeds up the process! Big fan of this mural.

Getting warmer?

We found a tiny one under this bridge

…And another one along the bushes of a baseball field. I hope to make it out ‘treasure hunting’ one more time before it gets too too cold out :) Geocaching is my favorite way to enjoy the outdoors & explore areas you frequently pass by, but wouldn’t otherwise spend time in because you haven’t had a reason to. There’s always going to be something nearby to find.

Coney Island at Night + Gotham Roller Derby

coney island carousel

Last Saturday New York City’s Gotham Girls Roller Derby was having a triple header, so we headed out to Coney Island to watch & hang out with some of my league mates/friends. The main event was Brooklyn vs. Bronx, but first up was the Gotham Juniors vs a junior league from Ohio (all 8-17 years old!) We left before the third bout, but they were both nothing short of inspiring.

[ setting sun during the game + some swag for my car I picked up at a cute shop on the boardwalk ]

original nathans

A couple posts ago featured a little list of things I wanted to during the summer in the city, and visit Coney Island for the first time was one of them. The first must-do was to get some french fries from Nathan’s, of course. In between games the boy and I got some greasy goodness and I tried hard not to look a the calories posted on the menu.

the swings

I was excited to take some photos of the day, but it slipped my mind that it would be dark out by the time we got out of the arena. Whoops! Next time i’ll be sure not to wait until it gets totally dark out :)

coney arcade

coney boardwalk

I think it actually worked out for the better that I couldn’t take any photos during the day because then I would have missed out on all of the amazing lights!

Have you taken any photos at night lately? I’d love to see them!

Weekend love: tandem, exploring, & playing photographer

My parents have a tandem bike in their garage, that’s been sadly hanging from the ceiling unused for years! My superhero of a boyfriend managed to somehow get it down. We took a little stroll down the back streets in fear of riding on the main road, heh. Needs a few adjustments, but other than that it was a smooth ride!

+ Coffee shops in Connecticut.


Friday night I took some photos of my little brother at a gig of his, home out East.


First outside gig of the year. Needed some recent photos to use for some new business cards. After resisting some free margaritas, we headed to Connecticut for the rest of the weekend to get up early the next day and help some friends move.

Monday morning–Exploring new places is my favorite. Even if it’s as small as a coffee shop I haven’t been to. Especially lately–I just want to see everything I can. Partially because I’ve been subtly looking for possible places to move to :)

Bridgeport sunset

Very minimal editing. Heading back to Long Island via ferry, had to snap a shot of this! Other highlights included: lengthy vegan breakfast menus . matt’s new pet shrimp . good zombie movies . thinking about the future

This weekend totally made up for last weekend– Going into NYC on the coldest & rainiest day, and not having our plans work out. It all evens out, right?

Warming up + new 50mm lens


I love that it’s finally feeling like spring here in New York, because that means it’s that much closer to my absolute favorite season…Summer. I spent an afternoon planting some seeds, getting the first italian ice of the year, and exploring the weather. I went out with only my fairly new 50mm f/1.8 lens that I got for my birthday. I’m trying to get the hang of it and use it for photos other than portraits, which this lens is awesome for.

spring, finally.

start of a sunflower

ralph's ices

ralph's ices

Ralph’s Italian Ice’s — A Long Island staple.

gloves and seeds

Loving the shallow super blurred depth of field. Scallions and Basil on the way!


spring sky

The Bronx Zoo

Back in July after I started my (not so) new job Matt took me to the Bronx Zoo. As a New Yorker who had never been to the best zoo in the state that very much had to change. Well, to clarify, I had been there but I was very small and didn’t even know I had gone until I asked my mom about it.



Gorillas are cool.

What was the best part? THE PEACOCKS JUST WALKING AROUND LIKE PEOPLE. I couldn’t even deal. They’re my favorite, if you couldn’t tell. The other highlight was the Emperor Tamarin monkeys –before the zoo visit we were geeking out over how cute they are and that they have moustaches. We like to call them ‘little mens.’ I didn’t get a good shot of them unfortunately!

Peacock Friend

Also got to see my second favorite animal, giraffes! Look at this guy trying to play hide and seek or something.


I was hesitant to go into the butterfly house (I find them terrifying) But I braved it.


What’s your favorite animal?