Weekend love: tandem, exploring, & playing photographer

My parents have a tandem bike in their garage, that’s been sadly hanging from the ceiling unused for years! My superhero of a boyfriend managed to somehow get it down. We took a little stroll down the back streets in fear of riding on the main road, heh. Needs a few adjustments, but other than that it was a smooth ride!

+ Coffee shops in Connecticut.


Friday night I took some photos of my little brother at a gig of his, home out East.


First outside gig of the year. Needed some recent photos to use for some new business cards. After resisting some free margaritas, we headed to Connecticut for the rest of the weekend to get up early the next day and help some friends move.

Monday morning–Exploring new places is my favorite. Even if it’s as small as a coffee shop I haven’t been to. Especially lately–I just want to see everything I can. Partially because I’ve been subtly looking for possible places to move to :)

Bridgeport sunset

Very minimal editing. Heading back to Long Island via ferry, had to snap a shot of this! Other highlights included: lengthy vegan breakfast menus . matt’s new pet shrimp . good zombie movies . thinking about the future

This weekend totally made up for last weekend– Going into NYC on the coldest & rainiest day, and not having our plans work out. It all evens out, right?

Warming up + new 50mm lens


I love that it’s finally feeling like spring here in New York, because that means it’s that much closer to my absolute favorite season…Summer. I spent an afternoon planting some seeds, getting the first italian ice of the year, and exploring the weather. I went out with only my fairly new 50mm f/1.8 lens that I got for my birthday. I’m trying to get the hang of it and use it for photos other than portraits, which this lens is awesome for.

spring, finally.

start of a sunflower

ralph's ices

ralph's ices

Ralph’s Italian Ice’s — A Long Island staple.

gloves and seeds

Loving the shallow super blurred depth of field. Scallions and Basil on the way!


spring sky

The Bronx Zoo

Back in July after I started my (not so) new job Matt took me to the Bronx Zoo. As a New Yorker who had never been to the best zoo in the state that very much had to change. Well, to clarify, I had been there but I was very small and didn’t even know I had gone until I asked my mom about it.



Gorillas are cool.

What was the best part? THE PEACOCKS JUST WALKING AROUND LIKE PEOPLE. I couldn’t even deal. They’re my favorite, if you couldn’t tell. The other highlight was the Emperor Tamarin monkeys –before the zoo visit we were geeking out over how cute they are and that they have moustaches. We like to call them ‘little mens.’ I didn’t get a good shot of them unfortunately!

Peacock Friend

Also got to see my second favorite animal, giraffes! Look at this guy trying to play hide and seek or something.


I was hesitant to go into the butterfly house (I find them terrifying) But I braved it.


What’s your favorite animal?

Mom’s day // Photo book & discoveries


This year, I designed a photo book to give my mom for Mother’s Day. I’ve already made her too many pillows & got her too many flowers…the occasion begged for something more permanent. I slowly gathered all of the digital photos I had of her and I, family, and later took some photos of flowers during Easter. Check out little me with skinned knees holding my pet rabbit…I swear she wasn’t that big when I was younger.

Mother's day photobook cover

After going through the photo archives on my computer, I still needed some more good images. I sneakily dug through the old photo albums in our house, finding a lot of gems. The picture on the cover was one of the gems–my dad, mom, and I on our old swingset.

Mother's day Photobook

One of the more recent photos– around 3 years ago?

Here’s another photo album gem I found–I didn’t include this in the book but I had to scan it! One of my parents took this years ago, maybe before I was born–I need to ask them about it. Not sure what happened to the film, but I’m diggin’ this happy accident. The light leaks in the photo are gorgeous, as well as the composition. It’s of Montauk point here in Long Island.

Sunday was spent with the fam of course…shopping around for a new outdoor furniture set, eating italian food, and playing with a puppy we’re currently taking care of. I am now definitely on a mission to take more pictures of my family! Have you made any photo books?

Diana Mini Cali Photos


Randy's Donuts

Stop and smell the small flowers

Airport Motel

retro motel sign

double exposure?

[attempt at a double exposure]

My first roll shot with the Diana Mini came out pretty okay! Most of the second half of the roll was overexposed–I think it’s because I put the camera on the cloudy setting at that point. It was cloudy out but still bright, so i’m guessing I should have left it on the sunny setting. I’m happy with the ones that did come out properly exposed so it’s all good! After researching what kind of film to use I was afraid that regular 35mm from a convenience store wouldn’t give me the neat effects that the Diana is capable of. So I hunted around for something else. I ended up finding & using Kodak 400 speed film that was expired by a year.

I loved all of the beautiful retro signs in Los Angeles, I also took some more of them with my SLR. Next up, more California pictures from my digital camera.