Artwork I purchased on a thrifting adventure, frame and all. It has pretty much become my favorite piece of art in the house. Looked it up and found it was made by Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont. I’ve never heard of the place, and the boyfriend is really into theater, so now I want to go and check out what sounds like a great unique time.

I love having this hanging up as a constant reminder of my values. It’s good to check up on yourself and make sure you’re doing what’s right for you & to be always changing and growing, like the flowers. Be extraordinary in your actions & resist what you don’t believe in.

A more lengthy post soon– took an impromptu blogging break for the summer!

Thrifty Style: Green & Girly + a self design rut

Let’s just pretend it hasn’t been almost a month since I posted okay? OK!

thrift may 1st

I’ve been working on a re-design of this space and my personal identity in general, and the ah-ha! moment has yet to happen. Frankly that has left me feeling less than inspired to post. Although, I DID re-design My Portfolio site– I always have an easier time with that than the blog. Anyone else have that problem?

I’m going to try the opposite approach now of pushing through and creating content instead of waiting for the design lightbulb to turn on!

I don’t think i’ve mentioned this but I have been unemployed of a normal full time job since the end of February. Since then, I’ve been luckily up to my eyeballs in freelance work, traveling, playing in roller derby games almost every weekend, and last but not least..thrifting during the day!

One of my favorite shops is a bike ride-able distance from where I live, and is only open early during the day from Tuesdays-Saturday. (I just realized they’re open Saturdays mornings instead of just during the week like I thought!) Now that i’ve been around during the day I get overly excited for ample thrifting time.

I tweeted about the fact that I broke my rule about not buying anymore house ware stuff until I moved–Oops. I just couldn’t say no to a Powerpuff girls plate and vintage mushrooms :)

Here’s the haul I got from the Bellport Methodist Thrift Shop and the local Savers to kick off May. (Long Island, NY)

thrifted books

Honestly I just bought the first book because it had ‘vegan’ in the title.

bow shirt

I will forever love the Powerpuff girls. Buttercup for the win! Sweater shirt is from Forever21.

kwik kover

Okay this is REALLY cool. Vintage mushroom patterned adhesive backing– daydreaming about putting this on top of some stools. Or ya know, everything.

60s cups

Coffee tin was kind of a splurge since it didn’t come in a set. Awesome set of ceramic mugs from the 60s.

The Hunt For Vintage Glasses

I pretty much dislike every pair of eyeglasses i’ve had. Each time I get a new pair i’ll think…this is it, these are the ones! But really i’m just settling on whatever Costco or Zenni Optical has as a selection. During my last glasses adventure, I was excited to find a pair by Betsey Johnson. Even though I adore her I don’t adore the glasses as much as I should and despite my prescription I don’t end up wearing them much.

Every time I see a vintage pair of specs on the internet though, I fall in love. I imagine myself with a retro pair that will complete my ‘look’ and I know i’ll want to wear them all the time.

We all know how hard it is to find something you’re particularly hunting for, though. Every once in a while i’ll check out Etsy, and I happened to find these babies I was specifically looking for. Pretty neat, huh? Shuron Nulady glasses.

So I took a gamble and got them, and crossed my fingers multiple times hoping they’d look good on me. As you can see, not so much! They do need some bending/adjusting so they look a little overly wonky. Back on the hunt!

I’ll keep searching, and now I have an idea of what my face can’t rock. No cat eyes or Wayfarers. Next time i’m going to look in person so I can try them on. I will find the perfect pair of retro specs and feel fashionably awesome. One day!

Do you wear glasses? Do you love them?

Room Tour: Desk space & new shelves

desk art

I recently finally did a much needed organization overhaul…& I wanted to share what my current space looks like! Here’s my desk area, my favorite spot in the room.

» Stop waiting for things to happen: Daily inspiration smack dab in the middle. Found somewhere on the internet-if anyone knows the source, please let me know.
» You destroy what you think is difference: Art by Barbara Kruger. Fell in love with her work during my time in a Women’s art class.
» Pantone mug: now used as a pen holder because it got a crack in it. Booo.
» Handmade embroidery hoop cork board: Usually holds my sewing sketches, measurements, and random doodles.
» Obnoxious pink sheet of paper: May goal list. [that obviously needs to be updated]
» Hand painted canvas art: Found in a thrift store in Florida. The boy and I were kind of fighting over this, heh.
» Don’t blend in: One of my favorite cards. Given to me by my aunt & uncle a few birthdays ago.

desk painting

vertical desk

art wall

I tried to avoid purchasing anything new while making this space my own. The wooden chair was rescued from the depths of my basement, and was painted with a sample can of paint that was under $3. Thrifted & gifted mason jars + a handmade pillow. Luckily I have a carpenter father who built my desk, complete with a little arm for my sewing machine and serger.

ikea shelf

The big purchase was my newly acquired Ikea shelves. I couldn’t take the mess anymore and wanted some real-people shelves, not cheap plastic cubes that kept falling apart. Piles of fabric were taking over. Here’s the before!


Yes, what a mess.

mason jars

P.S. Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post wishing me luck! I brought my camera with me to the city last Friday so I could take some photos for an update. I’ve had a lot to share lately but not much time at all to blog! In addition to my long weekdays, the last two weekends have been jam packed busy. It’s been a blast, but i’m also missing my time to just relax. This post has been half finished in my drafts since the last day of May, oh boy. I’m getting back into the swing of things and also catching up on my blog reading :]

What’s your favorite spot in your bedroom? ♥

making the ‘ugly shirt’ work // what I wore

So I have this vintage shirt that I bought, that I deemed ‘the ugly shirt’ because I couldn’t seem to make it work with anything. While watching the new show Girls on HBO, an outfit Lena Dunham’s character was wearing made me think about my shirt! I won’t talk about my thoughts on the show here, although i’m really on the fence about it until the series grows more. Anyway, I wondered why I haven’t tried wearing my shirt with a pencil skirt and a chunky belt, like her outfit below. I’m not sure why that thought didn’t occur to me before.

Vintage plaid shirt- thrifted
Belt- Forever21
Skirt- Ebay, forever21
Blue tights- ?

Well, I didn’t make this outfit totally work–if I had a plain black or teal pencil skirt I would have worn that instead. That would have definitely worked better than the red skirt; I am now on the hunt for new pencil skirts. Have any T.V. shows inspired your fashion lately? ♥