Summer Lovey Dovey Road Trip Playlist

The warm weather makes me think of good tunes with the windows rolled down, first and foremost. I couldn’t help but put together a collection of songs that tug on my heartstrings, that make me want to jump in a car with that special someone and go on a spontaneous road trip. I gave the playlist an appropriately cheesy name– ‘Take My Hand & Let’s Go For a Drive.’ Maybe this mix will give you the feels as well. Genre-specific, it’s pretty indie/punky. Let me know if you take a listen and dig it :)

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Productivity tips // Favorite Mac applications & workflow

So way back in the day when I was about to start college, I got a letter in the mail from the graphic design department (called Interactive Digital Design at my school) urging incoming students to come equipped with a Macbook. They want me to get a Mac?! I didn’t understand. The world of Macs were a foreign land to me which I thought were only reserved for super nerds and fancy people or something. I had only used one way back when it still had the bubbly interface while I was taking my first photography class in 7th grade in 2001. Woah.

I was worried that the Mac would be sooo different from my PC and hard to learn. WHAT THERE’S NOT TWO CLICK BUTTONS?! I was comfortable with my PC and didn’t want change! I knew how to work my Paint Shop Pro and everything was fine and dandy. But my parents urged me to get a MacBook for my new laptop to head to college with, because that’s what my future professors recommended. And nowadays, I can’t believe I ever hesitated getting that first Mac! Soon enough I realized that Macs are less complicated and that I liked designing better on them. Ironically I am now kind of a super nerd.

These days i’m getting more and more into minimalism. Here’s some of my favorite things I use to keep my workflow simple:

Notational Velocity (& Simplenote)

Hands down my favorite Mac OSX app of all time. I use the program Notational Velocity for all of my word processing needs. I love the stark simplicity of it & how super quick it takes to load and use. I’m not a fan of Microsoft Office (even the mac osx one) because I find it too bulky and slow to open up. Basically, when I have something in my head I want to write down, I want to write it down NOW. Same for when I want to open a text file. Everything from the keyboard and everything saves automatically, no need to hit a button!

I organize my blog post ideas and drafts in one text file where I can work on some posts in chunks. I also use the website Simplenote (an iphone app too) and have it synced with Notational Velocity if I want to access my word files and i’m not on my laptop! That way I can always have my blog posts & other text files when I want to work on them.


Quicksilver is a quick launch application that eliminates the need to use your dock to open programs, or clicking to open anything for that matter. Takes a some getting used to, but it’s well worth it.


This one is for Getting Things Done. I was a big fan of the app ‘Things’ after hearing about it from a professor, but didn’t want to shell out the money for it. I found iGTD as a great alternative. I mostly use it for long term goals instead of short to-do list goals…It’s great that you can have different categories. I have “design” “etsy/crafts” “art” “blog” “personal” and you can easily view all of your goals in one place, assign certain urgency for them, and cross them off when you’re done.

One of these days I will pay for the ‘Things’ app [especially now that iGTD is discontinued!] The UI is way pretty.


I was a bit late to the game on this program. Now I can’t remember what I did before it. Some ridiculous combination of copying and pasting links to webpages that I wanted to save. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how great this app is :)

Other essentials: Dropbox, Espresso (instant previews when coding!)

Notational Velocity | Simplenote | Quicksilver | iGTD | Things | Evernote | Dropbox | Espresso

I didn’t get paid to say anything about these apps. I just really love them!

What’s your favorite productivity app?

25 Before 25 Final Recap + Goals

This is pretty overdue (better late than never, right?) I finished these goals on my 25 before 25 list before my birthday at the end of February..

Finish my personal zine

Too Old to be Angsty

DONE! I’m so glad I finally finished this. I started the zine way back when I was 22 (?!) In the end I realized I just had to get over that hurdle of perfection and feeling like it wasn’t good enough.

Start saving a trip fund

trip fund

DONE! I’m a big believer that things are easier to remember when you have a pretty daily remember of them, amiright? Like, if I just told myself to put away a small amount of money each month into my savings account I probably wouldn’t remember to do it.

I cleaned out an old jar and cut a photo I took of the woods to fit flush up against the jar. I figured the photo could be switched out depending on the season or where you most want to visit next for inspiration.

Plant a garden


DONE! (ish) When I put ‘plant a garden’ on my list I actually pictured a full on vegetable garden, but since the summer was kind of crazy I didn’t have a lot of time to do that and it quickly passed me by. I knew that I still wanted some kind of garden and succulents seemed perfect. I now have a little indoor ‘garden’ of sorts that I love, so i’m counting this as completed :)

Start a vintage clothes wardrobe

vintage clothes

DONE. It’s a small start! Kind of obsessed with the Levi’s denim jacket.

Sell prints on Etsy

1/2 DONE. I have designed the amount of prints I was aiming for but I haven’t gotten the chance to actually set up the shop yet. I’ve posted 2 sneak peeks already so I didn’t think you needed to see anymore photos of this :)

I missed 7 things which were:

Table at a craft fair . Volunteer somewhere . Learn to surf . Record a demo & design it . Host a potluck . Take a knitting class . Adopt a cat

Not bad. I’m really proud of myself for creating such an ambitious list. The full list and everything I finished is located here!

What i’m planning for this year:

Are you working through a list of goals? Any similar ones?

Favorite Things Lately

colorful boston

Taken in Boston this past weekend

I’m not sure that i’ll ever be one of those bloggers who feature a weekly collection of links they love. I really admire people who blog almost every day–if you haven’t noticed already i’m not a huge fan of sticking to a schedule. I’m inspired more by just the opposite I think!

However, I have found a bunch of things on the internet this week that I love and couldn’t help but share :]

» The Happy Monday podcasts are just awesome.
» Danasia launched a new website on Monday!
» Made in NYC is a neat collection of internet companies based in NY– great if you’re on the job hunt.
» Heather totally summed up how i’ve been feeling lately about my living situation, & added a positive spin to it. [via Sillygrrl]
» My good friend Brian designs rad educational iPhone apps, now there’s a full website for them. Slate & Tablets (love how the bottom says ‘call us maybe’)
» Still swooning over Daily Dishonesty.
» You should probably be listening to Laura Stevenson’s latest EP. Her voice never fails to send chills down my spine. Stream it on!
» Kathleen of Braid Creative talks about the importance of narrowing in on your niche

25 Before 25: Eat Only Raw Food for a Week

Raw Food

Last week I dared myself to eat exclusively raw/live food for seven days–no processed sugar, coffee, or anything cooked. Last time I tried this goal over the summer I sadly quit after six days. It was stupid of me, but proves just how much we rely on comfort food to attempt to make us feel better. This time, I finished out the whole week–huzzah!

It was definitely difficult preparing food for the day with my busy schedule. Also, making sure I got enough sleep and had enough energy–I’m a die-hard night owl so I had to get extra rest to function properly without caffeine. I suppose I could have gotten by just getting take out from one of the raw restaurants in the city, but my wallet wouldn’t have liked that so much. I did buy some tasty things locally when I realized I didn’t bring enough food with me.

I ate a lot of fruit & nut avocado salads, green smoothies, almond butter, raw chocolate, and realized that I really really like these magical things called kelp noodles.

Try to ignore the fact that these are less than awesome cell phone pics:

Since then i’ve been doing a pretty good job of sticking with clean/good food choices and not gouging myself with vegan pizza. I have a better appreciation of food and after the 2nd day felt a lot more fit. Yay!