Design Services

In need of a unique, organized, & affordable blog or website design? In my time outside of my day job I love working on freelance projects! I’ve been coding websites since I was a teenager and am excited to be extending my services out to blog land. I specialize in both the design & development of sites running on the Blogger and WordPress platforms.

Complete blog design for Blogger and includes custom header, formatted sidebar, navigation, background image, web fonts, custom photography if applicable, and customization of default styles.

Website design includes all of the above plus customizations tailored to your specific personal or small business needs.

Looking for more? Additional add-ons are available such as Pinterest hover buttons, e-commerce functionality, and extra plugins.

Other design services I offer:
-Logo & identity design
-Business cards
-Etsy shop banners
-Web banners/ads
-Coding work

If you’d just like a header or some buttons to freshen up your site, i’m happy to do that instead. Contact me for rates & more samples of my work and we’ll get started talking about ideas.